Stem Cell Treatment ‘Hollywood’s Best Kept Secret”


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The Stem Cell Treatment is the cutting-edge in skincare technology. A favorite amongst a lot of celebrities, this intense anti-aging treatment significantly firms the skin, reduces the appearance of deep lines and wrinkles, and provides a noticeable lift to the skin. The Stem Cell Treatment is also beneficial for acne-prone skin, providing hydration for skin that has been dried out from over-exfoliation.

Steps: first a protein-rich serum of placenta is applied to the skin and is penetrated deeper by the use of an LED light. The Stem Cell Facial cream is massaged over the face and eyelids, encouraging the skin’s natural collagen and elastin production, revitalizing the cells, and providing intense hydration. Then a collagen mask is applied. Clients are encouraged to follow-up with a cream and serum regiment.